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Classic Y Tube

Classic Y Tube

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Product Description

Classic Y Tube:

Our interpretation of The Y Crookes Tube or nr 6 as Crookes designated this curious tube, demonstrates cathode rays originate from the cathode (negative electrode) and are inclined to travel in straight lines. 

As with all Y tubes, ours has three electrodes. The bottom electrode is connected to negative polarity.  The top two electrodes, both positive (anodes) are connected the high voltage power supply individually.

As the tube energizes via the bottom cathode and top “straight” anode, classic cathode rays are observed. The gap of illumination or Crookes Dark Space proves that cathode rays are indeed being produced.

Once the curved tube is energized via the anode lead, something curious happens. Although the cathode rays do follow the tube’s curve, the most direct path is always taken. The cathode rays do not hug the bend or fill the curved segment as with the straight portions of the tube.


  • Stands 14 inches tall.
  • Three electrodes
  • Electrode caps with easy to grip connection leads.
  • Nonconductive polymer base.
  • Handmade glass coconstruction. Each tube may vary slightly.

 Operating the Classic Y Tube:

  • As with all of our Aurora Tubes by Active Statics, a high voltage DC power supply is needed for operation.
  • We reccomend our Classic Induction Coil or Classic Ruhmkorff Coil. 
  • Connect electrode caps at ends of tube. 
  • Via alligator clips, connect the negative electrode from power supply to bottom of tube
  • Connect positive electrode to top straight cathode or curved cathode to observe cathode rays preference for traveling in straight lines. 
  • Never handle electrode or tube while power supply is active. May result in shock. 
  • To determine the cathode or anode from power supply, a dark space or gap in illumination always emanates from cathode. 

Product Videos

Classic Y Tube Crookes nr 6 Aurora Tube by Active Statics (01:30)
The Classic Y Tube is our interpretation of Crookes nr 6 tube and a proud addition to our line, Aurora Tubes by Active Statics®. Although not as ostentatious as many other "entertainment" tubes, the Crookes Y tube shows that cathode rays have a preference for traveling in straight lines. Note the two anodes on top of the Y tube. The straight portion shows how we would expect cathode rays to travel, in a straight line, in a straight tube. When energized, the curved portion of the tube shows that even though the bend, the rays have a preference for linear paths. They do not fill the curve as in the straight portion, but rather hug the walls and travel the absolute shortest way up to the anode. The tube contains a partial vacuum with 50,000 volts from our Classic Ruhmkorff Coil being passed through. Thats all it takes to produce cathode rays.
  • Classic Y Tube Crookes nr 6 Aurora Tube by Active Statics
    The Classic Y Tube is our interpretation of Crookes nr 6 tube ...

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