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Classic Van De Graaff Generator

Classic Van De Graaff Generator

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Product Description

Classic Van de Graaff Generator:

250,000 Volts and 6 inch sparks on demand!

Not only is our classic Van de Graaff generator guaranteed to make lightning on your coffee table, we guarantee a smile from anyone that turns it on for the first time! Our Van de Graaff is a smaller version of the famed lightning machines used to smash atoms, conduct lightning research, and to make sparks for the fun of it!

Many top educational institutions around the world still use Van de Graaff generators or modified versions of this machine to conduct particle research and power X-ray tubes and Gamma ray tubes. In adition to Van de Graaff generators in research, they are also used commercially as a power source for electron microscopes. 


  • Accessory Kit
    • Volta's Hail Storm - Plug the tube's banana plug into the dome jack and watch the electrostatic charge make the balls fly. 
    • Electrostatic Spinner - Plug the pivot into the dome port, balance motor on pivot and watch motor spin as electrons pour off the edges. 
    • Neon Electrostatic Charge Detector - Neon lamp within screw driver will glow when held in close proximity to machine operating. May result in shock. 
    • Hair Sample to plug into top of dome - Hair will rise Machine is turned on.
    • Groundng Cable - Plug into base of machine, attach discharge wand.  
    • Discharge Wand - Hold near charged dome for longest sparks.
    • Dielectric Replacement Belt - always useful to have in the Van de Graaff's tool kit.
  • 250,000+ volts!
  • 6 inch+ Sparks
  • 8 inch, bowling ball size dome
  • Make fluorecent lightbulbs glow from 6 inches away!
  • Conduct your own high voltage research that will literally make hair stand up!
  • Perfect for anyone interested in science, mechanically inclined. 

The Van de Graaff generator is by far the largest and most powerful electrostatic machine commercially used. Concieved in 1929 by Robert Jamison Van de Graaff as high voltage source for accelerating particles, Prof. Van de Graaff's generator soon became and remains one of the most important instruiments in the study of physics. 

Once our Classic Van de Graaff is switched on, you can instantly feel the static charge on your skin from over 2 feet away! In a dark room, purple plasma eminates from the dome! Connect the discharge wand and watch 5 inch sparks in broad day light! 

The Active Statics Classic Van de Graaff is our first and perfect starter model for electrostatic machine hobbiests and teachers. Our Classic machine is works in the same manner as Prof. Van de Graaff's cutting edge lightning machines. Infact, much of what we know about particles, atoms and X-rays we owe to the professor's namesake. 

Other Details

Spark Length:
6 Inches
Voltage Output:
400,000 Volts

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