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Classic Railway Tube

Classic Railway Tube

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Product Description

Classic Railway Tube

The origonal cathode ray entertainment device. We gurantee that out rendition of Crookes' timeless experiment is so captivating that you won't be able to leave a dark room for hours...voluntarily of course. 

Watch as cathode rays push the turbine along the track! Our interpertation of Crookes railway tube moves a mica paddlewheel via radiometric effect from cathode rays. Once cathode rays  contact with one of the turbine's veins, the rays heat precision mica surface and and force it along the track. It functions just as a solar radiometer but with electricity...just as out Classic radiometer Tube. 

Vivid phosphors produce brilliant green and orange tones once as they are excited by electrons. 



  • Hand blown glass construction - individial appearence may vary due to high quality, unique construction.
  • Ultra precision glass track and mica turbine with unique phosphor scheme.
  • Timeless black plastic display stand.
  • Easy to grip, less stress eyelet leads, perfect for alligator clips.
  • Cathode rays may be produced from either pole due to symetrical design.

Operating the Classic Railway Tube:

  • Connect leads to high voltage power source via alligator clips. Our Classic induction Coil or Classic Ruhmkorff Coil work great!
  • Position tube level on stand to ensure free movement of turbine. 
  • For best results, postiion operating tube atlease 3 feet from active inductiion coil or magnet. The precision turbine is extremly sensitive and may be attracted to magnetic fields.
  • Tube is EXTREMLY fragile due to glass construction. 


Railway Tube Background and History: 

When Sir. William Crookes began experimenting with passing electricity through low pressure vessels, or vacuum tubes.. electricity, electrons, particles and radiation had been barely discovered and even less understood. He produced the light mill or radiometer that everyone has seen in science classrooms. After experimenting with electricity, Crookes eventually put his light mill inside of a cathode ray tube and incorrectly thought motion was produced by light or electron pressure in both of his innovations.

Scientific great J.J. Thompson (Rutherford's mentor) calculated that if electrons were to move the paddlewheel, it would move far slower that it apparently does. With advances in thermodynamics we now call this phenominon radiometric effect. Although Crookes wasnt completly right, he can be credited with developing a cathode ray device more entertaining than one developed purely for entertainment..the television. 


Product Videos

Classic Railway Tube by Active Statics Low Light (01:20)
We shot this version of our "Classic Railway Tube" in a darker lighting to show how striking and similar this cathode ray tube's contents look to the Aurora borealis. To power the tube, we're using a high voltage DC power supply known as out "Classic Indiction" coil. The cathode rays are being produced at 50,000 volts.
  • Classic Railway Tube by Active Statics Low Light
    We shot this version of our "Classic Railway Tube" in a darker...

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