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Classic Magnetic Deflection Tube

Classic Magnetic Deflection Tube

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Product Description

Classic Magnetic Deflection Tube

Ever wonder why the Aurora borealis arcs and twists or how television tubes show moving pictures? Our Classic Magnetic Defelection Tube will show you how in a very simple way! This Crookes tube was developed from the curosity as to wheather cathode rays were magnetic by the pioneering electrical scientists of the 1800s. 


  • Shaped metal plate which projects thin cathode ray beam along phosphored plate.
  • Large green phosphor screen which enables beam to be visible in bright rooms. 
  • Cathode rays beam is moveable with an ordanary magnet. Positive poles will attract bean and negative poles will repel beam. 
  • Durable eyelet tube leads, perfect for aligator clips. 
  • Sturdy plastic base.

Operating the Classic Magnetic Deflection Tube:

  • As with all of our Aurora Tubes, the Classic Magnetic Deflection Tube requires a high voltage power supply and alligator clips. Our induction coils are specilly designed for Aurora Tubes. 
  • Connect high voltage negative output to round emitter plate lead and positive to rod shaped reciving electode at opposite end of tube via alligator clips.
  • Turn on high voltage power supply and watch as a straight beam is projected across the phosphor screen. 
  • To move cathode raybeam, place the pole of a magnet perpendicular to beam and manupilate!
  • As with all of our Crookes Tubes, our  Classic Magnetic Tube interpertation is very fargile due to it's artesinal glass construction.
  • Use caution and never handle tube when energized. 

Crookes Magnetic Deflection Tube Historical Significance:

The magnetic deflection tube is of historical significance as electrons were proven to exist due to devices much like these. Thanks to J.J. Thomson, electrons were discovered as cathode rays seemed to  as they observeFaraday's law of induction. In short, Thompson noted that the "stuff" inside of an energized vacuum tube was repelled and attracted by magnets or charged plates inside of the excited tube. This discovery didn't happen instantly and some complicated calculations were involved to prove this theory. 


Product Videos

Classic Magnetic Deflection Crookes Tube (00:51)
Ever wonder how a boobtube can make moving pictures or why an Aurora borealis makes patterns in the sky? This classic scientific demonstrations shows exactly how. In our interpretation of Crookes' Magnetic Deflection Tube, cathode rays are produced when high voltage is passed through the tube's partial vacuum. Being negatively charged particles, the visible rays are movable with a magnet. The phosphor plate inside helps to show this principle very clearly...in broad day lights. To energize the tube ignored to produce cathode rays, we're using out Classic Induction Coil throwing out 50,000 volts @ 20mA.
  • Classic Magnetic Deflection Crookes Tube
    Ever wonder how a boobtube can make moving pictures or why an ...

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