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Classic Induction Coil

Classic Induction Coil

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Product Description

Classic Induction Coil by Active Statics:

Our Classic Induction Coil demonstrates the principles of electrostatic induction. As with all induction coils of "Ruhmkorff" style, ours is a step-up transformer that takes in 6-12 volts but puts out 25,000-50,000 volts at a fraction if the input amperage. 

An indiction coil's output voltage is proportional to the input voltage. In short,  an input voltage of 6 volts @ 2.5 amps will produce an output voltage of 25,000 volts. If the input is doubled to 12 volts @ 5 amps, the coil  will produce 50,000 volts of output. 

Classic Induction Coil Features:

  • 50,000 volts, 2 inch sparks!
  • Runs off of 6-12 Volts DC @ 5 amps. Us anything from a lantern battery to a lab power supply. Works best with 8-10 volts.
  • Adjustable trembler/interrepture mechanism for optiamal preformance. To fine tune, ensure that thumbscrew is touching contact slightly. 
  • Trembler produces a loud, authentic buzz the scientific greats would be familiar with!
  • Antiqued finish, wood constriction - A classic scientific instrument.
  • 5 way bindingpost inputs, connects to power supply with 4 mm banana plugs or alligator clips.
  • On/Off and current reversal switches.
  • The ideal voltage source for Aurora Tubes, our line of discharge tubes. 
  • Experimentiron and discover just as the scientific greats of the 19th and 20th centuries! 

Induction Coil Operating Theory: 

As a classic step up transformer, our Classic Induction Coil consists of 3 main parts: the primary coil connected to the power source, the iron core which the primary coil is wrapped around and the secondary which is wound over the primary coil and core. The secondary coil contains 10-1000x as many windings as the primary coil. 

As the primary coil is energized from the power source, a magnetic field is produced. Once this field is switched off, the magnetic flux induces a current in the secondary coil resulting in a higher voltage but lower amperage...hence the name induction coil. This process can be thought of as using gears on a bicycle, as the rear gear always spins faster than the one connected to the pedal. Power is always proportional to the gear or "winding" ratio. When a higher speed or voltage is required, there is always proportionally less power or in the case of transformers amperage. 

The interrupter mechanism is vital to the operation of this coil. It consists of a capacitor and magnetic switch which is opened to the off position as a primary is energized, allowing for magnetic flux to energize the coil tens of times per second. 

A brief history of Induction Coils:

Developed from Michael Faraday's principal of electromagnetic induction in the mid 1800's, the spark coil was finally comericalized in the 1850's by Heinrich Rhumkorff. The Classic Spark Coil is known by many names; the Induction Coil, The Spark Coil and most approptiately, the Rhumkorff Coil. 

The spark coil eventually replaced the Wimshurst and outher influence machines due to it's power and compact size. Mr. Rhumkorff's coil found many uses which incuded powering early X-ray tubes, Morse Code radio transmitters, high voltage research and engine ignition systems. Although most of these applications have advanced very far in the last 100+ years, variations of the spark coil still are used in the most advanced car engines. 

Product Videos

Induction Coil - 50kV Active Statics ()
  • Induction Coil - 50kV Active Statics

Other Details

Spark Length:
2 Inches
Voltage Output:
50,000 Volts

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