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Aurora Tubes

  • Geissler Tube - Krypton
    Classic Geissler Tube Set: Our interpretation of Geissler's tubes effectively demonstrates what happens when electricity is passed through a high vacuum containing trace amounts of noble gases. The beautiful glow and...

  • Magnet included with each Classic Magnetic deflection Crookes tube.
    Classic Magnetic Deflection Tube Ever wonder why the Aurora borealis arcs and twists or how television tubes show moving pictures? Our Classic Magnetic Defelection Tube will show you how in a very simple way! This Crookes...

  • Crookes Maltese Cross Tube Energized
    Classic Maltese Cross Crookes Tube Although William Crookes did not directly invent this tube it still bares his name. In 1868 during the last year of his life, Julius Plücker developed a gas discharge tube...

  • 30,000 Volts - Aurora Tubes™ by Active Statics | Crookes Tube | Radiometer
    Classic Radiometer Tube: Conect our Radiometer Tube to a high voltage power DC supply (best used with a Classic Induction or Ruhmkorff Coil) , and watch the mica paddle wheel spin in a cloud of cathode rays! As electrons,...

  • Classic Railway Tube
    Classic Railway Tube The origonal cathode ray entertainment device. We gurantee that out rendition of Crookes' timeless experiment is so captivating that you won't be able to leave a dark room for hours...voluntarily of...

  • Cathode rays traveling in straight line as expected.
    Classic Y Tube: Our interpretation of The Y Crookes Tube or nr 6 as Crookes designated this curious tube, demonstrates cathode rays originate from the cathode (negative electrode) and are inclined to travel in straight...

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