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  • Alligator Clip Leads
    Our Double Alligator Clip Test leads are perfect for electrifying all of your experiments! Insulated 2 inch, 50mm Alligator Clips on both ends. Set includes highly identifiable 1 black and 1 red lead. Long, 3 feet wires...

  • Banana Jack Leads
    Our high quality double Banana Plugs are perfect for connecting the Classic Spark Coil to your favorite power supply or gounding Van de Graaff generators.  Stackable Banana plugs on both ends of wire.  Standard...

  • Banana to Alligator Leads
    Our Banana Plug to Alligator Clip Test Leads are perfect for connecting your next project to your favorite power supply! Stackable Banana Jack on one end and insulated Alligator Clip on the other. Banana Plugs may be...

  • Classic Electrostatic Motor Running
    Classic Electrostatic Motor Ever wonder just what high voltage, low current DC or static electricity can be used for? Well, it's capable of producing rotational motion when harnessed and applied to an electrostatic motor...

  • Classic Gold Leaf Electrosope
    Precisely static charges with our classic Gold Leaf Electroscope just at the pioneering physicisists of the 18th century! Actually see when an object is electrostatically charged.  Gold foil strips repel eachother...

  • Classic Pith Ball Electroscope
    Watch this electroscope in action as the pith balls fly over to negative charges and away from positive! Two pith balls suspended by silk thread Metal suporting rod  Plastic, insulating stancion to avoid charge...

  • Classic Van de Graaff Belts
    Classic Van de Graaff Belts are the perfect drop in replacement for our Classic Van de Graaff generator.  Natural Rubber 1 inch Width 18 inch Length Very high dielectric strength for transporting electric...

  • Copper brushes are perfect for collecting charge off moving belt.
    Classic Van de Graaff Brushes are the perfect drop in replacement brushes for out Classic Van de Graaff or for designing your own static machine!  Engineered as a direct feplacement for our Classic Van de Graaff...

  • Tough rubber construction.
    Classic Wimshurst Belts are manufactured from tough, durable EPDM rubber and are very durable. Perfect for replaceing worn out belts on out Classic Wimshurst Machine or contrilling pulleys for your next...

  • Classic Wimshurst Machine Brushes
    Our Classic Wimshurst Brushes are fabricated from a conductive polymer that will not scratch discs! Brushes feature extremly efficent charge collection. Perfect as replacements brushes for our Classic Wimshurt Machine or...

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